Spiritual Reading

James Martin

My Life with the Saints

ISBN-10: 0829426442

A Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything

ISBN-10: 0061432695

Caryll Houselander

* The Reed of God ISBN-10: 0870612409

a meditation on Mary, the Mother of God

Adrienne Von Speyr

* Three Women and The Lord

ISBN-10: 0898700590

* The Cross, Word and Sacrament

ISBN-10: 0898700213

a meditation on the seven last words of Christ

Robert Barron


ISBN-10: 0307720519

Heaven In Stone and Glass

ISBN-10: 0824519930

** Eucharist

ISBN-10: 1570757224

** The Strangest Way

    • ISBN-10: 157075408X

Word on Fire


Kathleen Norris

The Cloister Walk

ISBN-10: 1573225843

Ronald Rolheiser

** The Holy Longing

ISBN-10: 0385494181

Amy Welborn

The Words We Pray

ISBN-10: 082941956X

Richard Rohr

ISBN-10: 0470907754

Dorothy Day

The Long Loneliness

ISBN-10: 0060617519